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Posted by Thrivelearning on October 20, 2006

More stuff onto the web pages – cross-linking until I get bored, tired, or both. I made this logo-related stuff, like t-shirts and coffee cups and so on. Also published my book (again) – so I have two paperbacks created on two different POD publishers. Cafepress is nothing compared to Lulu, while the former can do all sorts of stuff where the latter only does (mostly) books and paper articles. Both are trying new stuff, though.

Point here is that there are now legitimate ways for an individual to simply create the same stuff which big corporations have only been able to do before now.

The next item for me is getting my artwork published and then getting off that whirlwind. Seems that Cafepress will set up a production line which creates framed and matted prints (you just supply the original).

That’s fascinating stuff, since it enables a completely remote individual to have the same capability and publishing influences one who has a publishing company working over his stuff. I’ve got it easy, since I’m a cross between a writer and graphic artist. So I can write and design the book and covers. So it takes a pretty unique individual (Da Vinci/Renaissance Man) type of character. But it is possible, and any other individual could simply hire out the skills he lacks. Like for me, I miss the broader PR possibilities – but I can probably find some person to enter my life to take over all the wealth of material I’ve created…

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