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Seemless transitions

Posted by Thrivelearning on January 2, 2007

This 30-day program is fascinating in that the changes happen, then become automatic. The new habitual attitudes I’ve now been experiencing built on my previous positive attitudes – essentially, I’ve trained myself to concentrate on positive aspects of my life and to let the negative ones fall away. That’s the simplicity of this system.

This post is simply to let you know that it’s working.

I’ve found myself being honestly excited about getting up in the morning and facing what I’ve created today. While my faith can be improved, I know that I’ve got many good things coming to me as I continue to work on my creations. Any spare time during the day is devoted to sorting out the details of what I want in my life and how they will look and feel when I get them.

There is even a simple tune I run in my head (which is overdue becoming a comic) :
“I’m grateful that my feet can feel the floor.
“I’m grateful that my hands feel even more.
“I’m grateful that my heart can feel my my grin.
“I’m grateful for the love I feel within.”

This keeps me on the positive, grateful and aware of the good feelings within me. As it goes to a simple tune, it is easy to hum as I go along during my day. The third line always gets me to smiling, which is a necessary component to living these days.

Thought you’d like to know how it’s going. This stuff simply works. Try it for yourself.


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