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A Day in Your Life

Posted by Thrivelearning on January 13, 2007

Do this: live your day in your mind first.

Before you get out of bed, take some time to preview your day and make your choices while you are still relaxed. Keep your attitude positive and pleasant. See the world working for you and presenting you with the many things you have always wanted and asked for. Greet every person you meet today in your mind as you go. Honestly wish them to have a great day. Work out what your schedule will be, what improvements you are going to make to your life, how you will give to others openhandedly, what you want as pleasant surprises. Review what you want to accomplish today and see that those goals are met.

As you visualize, feel the feelings and all the sensations as if you are actually living that day right now. As you go, be grateful for all the gifts you recieve and all the great things in your life. See that world as you would like it to be and honestly feel it happening just like that.

As you visualize, you’ll materialize – so keep your thoughts and opinions positive. If you do run into some negative emotional content, just acknowledge it and note it for later study – and meanwhile just put on another smile or grin and keep going through your day in your mind.

This is a great little tool which will get easier to use as you practice with it. And you’ll see more and more good changes happening in your life as you do practice with it.

Let me know how it comes out – just leave a comment…


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