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Here’s your self-programming MP3’s

Posted by Thrivelearning on January 16, 2007

Got around to getting these all posted and ready for your download and use. You’re welcome.

Podcasters delight! – Go Thunk Yourself – the blog – Lulu.com: “Through my other blogs, I found that I had been using some MP3’s in my own life which I hadn’t made public for others to use. These are simple summaries of Wattle’s Science of Getting Rich, and Haanel’s Master Key System, plus an updated edit of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich.

To make these, I was able to get a good voice from AT&T named Crystal, plugged this into one of my Windows XP machines in order to translate texts into voice, saving these as MP3’s.

Now these are available as free downloads for your use. I’ve also included them into the Go Thunk Yourself Companion CD, so that you can read as well as listen to key excerpts of these books – all from your computer and even your iPod.”


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