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Evil is as good doesn’t

Posted by Thrivelearning on February 1, 2007

Thomas Troward has this excerpt, which explains evil in this universe. It’s not that it doesn’t exist, but rather as Huna covers, “The world is what you think it is.

“But this is a conception very different to that of the all-productive ONE, and arises, not from the true nature of Being, but from our own confused Thought. But because the action of our Thought is always creative, the mere fact of our regarding Evil as an affirmative force in itself makes it so relatively to ourselves; and therefore no sooner do we fear evil than we begin to create the evil that we fear. To extinguish evil we must learn not to fear it, and that means to cease recognizing it as having any power of its own, and so our salvation comes from realizing that in truth there is nothing but the good.”

This is taken from “Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning” – soon to become part of the Go Thunk Yourself Companion CD – as soon as I finish editing it…


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