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What of War, Competion, These Futile Things?

Posted by Thrivelearning on August 1, 2008

War, Competition, all these are futile because they base on life, like parasites.

And that is why they get nowhere.

They do not succeed in the long run, which is why they are passing. We now have fewer wars, more cooperation internationally. Dictocrats are being able to stay in power less time and have smaller effect.

Essential recent tool has been the Internet, which funny enough was a US government product released out of its labs – and still US government monitored through DNS servers. Monitored, not controlled, since it has already grown too big to be controlled by anyone or anything.

And if everyone reached the pinnacle of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, then what?

World peace for one. A true golden age. Those who still wanted to be sick and poor would be. And people would let them have that choice. But the majority of us would be just as prosperous as we wanted, with all our physical and spiritual needs satiated. Incredibly long lives and incredibly short ones. Really beautiful art would start showing up. Human population would level off after dropping precipitously – because we aren’t the highest evolutionary form to inhabit, but seemingly a necessary step currently.

Environmental problems we currently are experiencing/creating would dissipate (and also that fiction of man-created global warming).

All based on the theory, colloquially put: “God will provide everything you want, you only have to ask.”

Because the individual’s Free Will positions with unlimited resources to create new harmonies, the overall goal of both man and universe.

But just because we can have everything we want, doesn’t mean it ends there. You see, Maslow’s hierarchy is fine for humankind situations and problems. But we are just a peg on the gameboard of a much larger game…


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