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Hint on visualization – change your time

Posted by Thrivelearning on August 27, 2008

Here’s a tip on how to manifest something – change the time what you want…

I was looking around today and caught myself thinking, “I really need a new ______”

And obviously, it was true – and would continue to be true. Keep thinking that thought and I’d always need a new ______”.

Because the tense is a litle off.

Get in the habit of seeing things around you that need improvement in the past tense.

For that _____ I needed, I should be saying, “I now have a great, new _____.” And visualize it completely where the old one “curently” sits. Visualize it so completely that it starts to take the place of that item in your mind.

And then you can take it further: Close your eyes and get the mental sequence of walking into that room, just like you always do. And when you look over to that same, old space – voila! A new ______ is there! Of course, you then feel the feeling of satisfaction and cheerful gratefulness that you’ve been able to have this new ______ in your life. Now you can do whatever you usually do with it much better.

So: change the tense to the past. Get the concept of the new one being there. Then take it a step further and start seeing it there as a normal scene for you. Make sure you get all the good feelings that correspond with that scene.

And then, like Joe Vitale and others suggest – just let it go.

Now, of course, at the beginning and end of the day when you’re in bed all relaxed, go through all that scene mentally for yourself with all the positive emotions about it. If you have time during the day and can be by yourself, relax and just go through those happy thoughts again.

Every time, you create those happy thoughts for yourself, those comfortable moments where you are truly grateful for all that’s come into your life. And then let it go – and be calmly, cheerfully ready to receive all these new great things into your life.

But the first point is to change your time.

Good Hunting!


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