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Experience real peace of mind in just 2 steps

Posted by Thrivelearning on March 4, 2010

From my experience, it’s really all too simple to get peace of mind whenever you want it. But you do have to really want it. And use Lester Levenson’s Sedona Methode (release techniques). You’ll then get exactly what you want.

Of course, this also means that you can have all the Happiness and Freedom you ever desired. Because they are really all the same thing.

Yes, it’s quite simple to do this. It’s easier done than said, but there’s only a two-step releasing process to apply. You may get more of a Zen-related result from this – since you can quickly get to the opint where all those former concerns just don’t matter anymore.

Simply: 1. Welcome whatever it is that’s bothering you – accept it for being what it is. 2. Consider the idea of letting it go.

With the various noises that sound off all the time around us, it’s good to keep this in mind.

And any Master would simply say you are talking the obvious, so why talk at all?

Because it is really that obvious.

You can find this for your self, as I did, in Lester Levenson’s early material. Not that Hale Dwoskin or Larry Crane don’t have this straight in their versions – it’s just that I love to dive right into the deep end before my regular swimming is very good…

And Lester had to spend many years studying all that he could in various ancient philosophical and religious texts just to sort out what he’d achieved in 3 months. So Lester quotes and refers to swami’s and prophets with complete equanimity.

While you are releasing all these non-survival thoughts to just be yourself, meanwhile you can also learn how to get the prosperity, success, and great relationships you could ever also want. The trick is to get beyond the “get rich quick” mental habit (which the release techhiques definitely help with) and concentrate on the peace of mind which no amount of money can buy.

Or, look at it this way: there are a great deal of people out there who want to help you – if you will only let them.

My experience is one thing, yours is another. Take this for checking – but try out on your self for 30 days and see what results you get.

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