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How the 7 Huna Principles were discovered

Posted by Thrivelearning on July 12, 2010

Huna Principles Help Spiritual Training

Now I wasn’t there for this, and neither were you. (Of course, this information is freely available via intuition, and that’s my source for what follows…)

If you look at these 7 Huna Principles, you’ll see a logical progression as you follow them backwards.

7. Pono – Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth.

This is the definition of philosophy, by the way: Love of things that work. Truth is something that works for you and improves (or can improve) your life some way when applied.

Now you’d see that this was a very basic concept as to how this universe operates. You’d only want to work with data that was proved to work – and the best data is the most effective in solving things.

Of course, this isn’t a bottom-line datum, since it only points a person in the direction of finding the most effective truth possible. Read the rest of this entry »

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Larry Crane and His Releasing Technique World

Posted by Thrivelearning on March 4, 2010

general interest The World of Larry Crane and the Releasing Technique

(You’ll have to forgive the pun, humor is something Levenson appreciated, as does Larry.
Plus, it’s a great photo…)

This page is simply a review of Larry Crane’s Abundance Course and the Releasing Technique.

Larry’s Own Story

general interest The World of Larry Crane and the Releasing Technique“My name is Larry Crane. I am a self-made millionaire businessman, author and teacher. I have been featured in hundreds of articles in newspapers and magazines (including Time and TV Guide), and on T.V. throughout the world. I’ve had the limousines, the planes… with businesses all over the world… raking in MULTI-MILLIONS of dollars. I have lived a life most people only dream about, including being friends and business associates with some of the most important and influential people in the world. I could go on and tell you all about my successes and the money I have made but, I’m not going to bother. You see, I’ve got a disturbing secret to share with you:

“Around 9 p.m. on a Friday night, back in 1976… with a successful business… millions in the bank… a beautiful wife… and an article written about me in Time magazine… I took the elevator to my ten-room duplex penthouse suite in Manhatten… walked over to my terrace… scanned the beautiful view below… and for about 2 hours I seriously contemplated suicide!

“It was very confusing to me. I had everything any one could want… and yet… I truly was one miserable creature!


“I had become determined to find the answer to my personal miseries. And although I was a very “closed” person at the time… and… not receptive to any kind of therapy or self-help stuff, my wife did talk me into some New Age courses. I took a bunch of these… but…Misery Was Still My Motto!

“Nothing was helping. I just became more and more depressed and frustrated.

“Then one day, in 1976, a young man came into my office to sell me a mail order item. I had some interesting spiritual or self-discipline quotations on my wall, and this opened up a conversation as to what I was “into”. That’s when I first heard about something called the Release® Technique.

It really resonated with me. So I decided to take the course that very weekend. That weekend was the first time I met the most fascinating man I’ve ever met – Lester Levenson.”

Larry goes on to explain that Levenson had everything he wanted, but was completely at ease and happy all the time. And he never seemed to work – but had an abundance of money, his health was good, he had tons of friends – solid relationships, and just effortlessly went through life.

And since Larry learned what Levenson was teaching, he’s adopted these into his own life and now spends it entirely to get these breakthroughs out to you and those you know.

What’s the Pitch?

Sure, it’s a lot of hype that surrounds this system. And I’m not telling you to believe anything that I or Larry has said on the subject. What you do with your own life is your business. Just because I’m totally set on this stuff as true breakthrough in all these fields – well, that doesn’t mean that you have to believe one word of it. I’m actually telling you not to.

Look, the big items people want to solve in their lives are all here: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Stress – anything and everything people can get sold on are here. I’ve even included the videos below so you can experience the pitches for yourself.

Now, let me tell you a secret: If you get the free stuff Larry offers on his site, that’s all you really need to get going. Sure, there’s a bunch of other books and tapes to buy – but not unless you think it’s right for you.

I’ve been working with helping people get out from under scams for over two years now – so I’ve got more than a bit of experience in this area. And something is a scam if you say it is. If you didn’t get out what you wanted, then you got scammed. In all cases, you only really get out what you put in.

So my advice on this stuff is:

1. Don’t believe anything that Larry or I say on this subject.

2. Get the free stuff first and try it out – don’t buy anything unless you’ve tried it out first.

3. But if you do have some bucks to plunk down for his basic course – you can do that. It’s guaranteed return if you don’t like it. And you’ll have it all on CD’s (plus some bonuses) and you can check it out for yourself.

What do I get out of this?

I’m just here to give you the data to help you improve your life. Sure, the above are all affiliate links. And you can just go to his site directly if you want. Or search for Google for any of several dozen people who have put up sites that promote his courses, books, materials, and whatnot.

All I’m here for is to help you. Period. And that’s why I’ve written this page and how I wrote it this way.

Because your future is up to you – completely. People who stay poor, sick, upset, worried – these people aren’t really looking for a way to improve their conditions. And I’m not saying that Crane’s Release Technique is the way to solve everyone’s problems, either.

I’m just here to give you that additional choice.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading this post.
If you’ve found it valuable, please consider donating via PayPal to enable my continuing research.

Or – buy a book from my “Go Thunk Yourself” bookstore.

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